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Small State, Big Flavor: Fox Point Pickles

November 11, 2016

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Eight Great Fermentation Products Around Town
April 2016

Ready to go beyond that jar of bread ’n’ butters? Pucker up with these condiments, preserves, and DIY pickling tools. Fermented bliss awaits.

Yankee Magazine Releases Food Choice Awards
December 7, 2015

Senior Lifestyle Editor Amy Traverso joined The Rhode Show Monday morning to talk more about the awards and winners. You may recognize some, as two of the winners are from Rhode Island!

Say This Fast: Fox Point Pickles in Providence
December 2, 2015

Zared “Ziggy” Goldfarb started Fox Point Pickling Company in Providence last year and crafts crunchy, tangy, sour pickles in two varieties: garlic and spicy with habanero.

The Heat Is On! Spicy Foods are good for you.
August 12, 2015


Heat-seeking Americans were peppered with good news last week, when the Harvard School of Public Health reported that spicy foods help you live longer.

Best of Rhode Island 2015
August 2015



Hope& Main and the Business of Food

"Small State. Big Flavor."  That's the motto of Fox Point Pickling...


Providence's Ziggy Goldfarb was picky about pickles, so he made his own

Ziggy Goldfarb looked at the retail food landscape and saw Rhode Island was lacking a local source for delicious, homemade, artisan pickles.

Meeting up with Warren's perfect pickler

Starting this week, the Warren Times will run weekly conversations with some of the dozens of small business owners who are using Hope & Main to get their dreams off the ground. Here’s the first, a talk with “Head Pickleteer” Ziggy Goldfarb, the founder of The Fox Point Pickling Company..

RI Company serves up pickled products

Rhode Island may be a small state, but its big on flavor. And that’s just one of the reasons behind a local company serving up some delicious, handmade pickles.

R.I.’s first artisanal pickling company finds home in Warren

Zared Goldfarb, founder of the Fox Point Pickling Company, pickles a variety of vegetables and experiments with different combinations of spices like mustard seed, habanero and coriander.

The Perfect Pickle: Fox Point Pickling Company has big, salty dreams

Fox Point Pickling Company began innocently enough. Two years ago, when Ziggy Goldfarb followed his wife to Providence, he bought a pickling kit “as a gag.” The combination of leftover vegetables from his CSA box and some underemployment led Ziggy to busy himself pickling. 

Will Work for Food

One of Hope and Main’s first applicants was Zared Goldfarb of Fox Point Pickling Co. Goldfarb, a former public relations professional, started pickling after he bought his wife a pickle-making kit as a gift; he ended up using it more than she did.